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E-Part 2009

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DESQUINABO, N., FERRAND, N. & MARLIER, J. (2009) “E-participation benefits for local planning: an experimental study”, in: E. Tambouris & A. Macintosh (Eds.) Electronic Participation, Proceedings of ePart 2009, 1st International Conference, Linz, Austria, September 1-3, 2009, pp. 176-185

In this paper we present an ongoing experimental study on the potential of e-participation devices for local planning processes. The tested tools are “semi-structured” annotation devices. Our goal is to evaluate the effect of these tools on the quality and impact of local planning debates.

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E-democracy 2009

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DESQUINABO, N., FERRAND, N. & MARLIER, J. (2010) “Stakeholder E-participation in Local Planning: The Camargue Park Case”, in : A.B. Sideridis & Ch.Z. Patrikakis, (Eds.) Next Generation Society Technological and Legal Issues, eDemocracy 2009, LNICST, Vol. 26, pp. 128-137

Article available on Springerlink web site

Abstract: The goal of this study is to evaluate several features and outcomes of the e-consultation organized by the Camargue Natural Park on its management plan. To estimate the benefits of the selected Internet devices, we have compared our assessment of this e-consultation with other face-to-face participative events organized on the same management plan.

Intermed project on e-democracy
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E-Gov 2009

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DESQUINABO, N. & FERRAND, N. (2009) “Participative e-governance with stakeholders: The Camargue Park management plan case”, in: H.J Scholl, M. Janssen, R. Traunmüller & M.A. Wimmer (Eds.), Electronic Government, Proceedings of EGOV 09, 8th International Conference, Linz, Austria, August 31 - September 3, 2009, pp. 107-114

Abstract:This ongoing research is an evaluation of the e-consultation organised by the Camargue county government on its management plan. The goal of this study is to evaluate several features and outcomes of this e-participation event.

Intermed project
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N opposition theory

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Sallantin J., Seilles A., 2009. n-opposition theory to structure debates. HAL.

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Abstract :
2007 was the first international congress on the “square of oppositions”. A first attempt to structure debate using n-opposition theory was presented along with the results of a first experiment on the web. Our proposal for this paper is to define relations between arguments through a structure of opposition (square of oppositions is one structure of opposition). We will be trying to answer the following questions: How to organize debates on the web 2.0? How to structure them in a logical way? What is the role of n-opposition theory, in this context?
We present in this paper, the results of three experiments (Betapolitique 2007, ECAP 2008, Intermed 2008).

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