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E-Gov 2009

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DESQUINABO, N. & FERRAND, N. (2009) “Participative e-governance with stakeholders: The Camargue Park management plan case”, in: H.J Scholl, M. Janssen, R. Traunmüller & M.A. Wimmer (Eds.), Electronic Government, Proceedings of EGOV 09, 8th International Conference, Linz, Austria, August 31 - September 3, 2009, pp. 107-114

Abstract:This ongoing research is an evaluation of the e-consultation organised by the Camargue county government on its management plan. The goal of this study is to evaluate several features and outcomes of this e-participation event.

Intermed project

To estimate the benefits of the selected Internet devices, we will compare our assessment of this e-consultation with other face-to-face participative events organized on this management plan. Following “computer-mediated communication” theories (Lemus & al., 2004; Witschge, 2004) and deliberative theories (Gastil & Levine, 2005) we expect that the tested e-tools will increase the deliberative features of stakeholder participation. More equal debates with more diverse opinions, speech acts and arguments should be observed and perceived by participants. Moreover, an increased influence on final decision by the “weak” stakeholders is expected. If these hypotheses are confirmed without important “flaming” differences, economic and organisational benefits of these Internet tools will be attested. Managers’ assessment of the organisational benefits and of decision making improvement will complete this evaluation. One week before the end of this e-consultation, the first results show an important but rather concentrated participation. The inclusion of new participants, information and arguments to the debates seem interesting. By the end of April, our evaluation should be complete.

Key words: e-governance, e-consultation, e-deliberation, stakeholder, local government, influence on decision, equality, inclusion, opinions, arguments